McEntire Pilates Teacher Training

Interested in becoming a Certified Pilates Teacher?  Lakeshore Pilates is proud to be a licensed certifying studio of McEntire Pilates.  Please continue reading for more information about this comprehensive training program.

Who teaches our program?

Our experienced and passionate Master Teachers will lead your course.  They will engage you in the learning process by meeting you where you are at and challenging you to grow into your teaching potential.  Our Master Teachers are committed to your individual success in our program.  They understand different learning styles and the use of various teaching techniques so everyone has the opportunity to move forward and achieve their teaching goals.

What will you learn?

McEntire Pilates™ Instructor Training is designed to teach you how to make educated and confident decisions on behalf of your clients.  This takes you beyond just memorizing manuals and into a category of professionals that have a passion for making meaningful connections with their clients.  These connections provide immeasurable value to how you feel about working as a professional and getting results for your clients.  Becoming a McEntire Instructor is your opportunity for significant personal and professional growth.   Since this is a comprehensive program, you will learn all aspects of Pilates including Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels and Mat exercises. 

The national guidelines for Pilates Certification

Pilates certification is acquired through a 2 step process developed by the Pilates Method Alliance, the only non-profit governing body for quality and safety control in the Pilates industry.  The first step is to finish an assessment-based program with at least 450 hours of study (a combination of contact hours, practice teaching hours and physical practice hours). The second step is to sit for the PMA exam.  

With over 500 hours in our comprehensive program, you will qualify to sit for the PMA® National Exam. 


Program length and required hours (National Requirement 450 hours)

You will work in a small group with a Master Teacher 1 weekend per month for 9 months.  In addition, you are required to complete 240 hours of practice teaching and 150 hours of physical practice.  The national requirement to sit for the exam is attendance in a comprehensive program with a minimum of 450 hours.  Our program has a total of 507 hours and includes the study guide and review to prepare you for the national exam.  

New Session beginning Fall 2017.

Schedule a consultation to get answers to all your questions by calling 510-0455.


Dates and times are subject to change


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"After years of teaching Pilates and researching various training programs, I am pleased to bring McEntire Pilates to West Michigan.  This is, by far, the best training program on the market." 

Heather Dibkey, Owner Lakeshore Pilates and Master Teacher for McEntire Pilates.

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