Post Rehab/Corrective Exercise

These sessions1.  are for those currently undergoing or immediately following treatment for a health condition or injury as prescribed by a physician, physical therapist, chiropractor or other medical professional or  2.  for those dealing with chronic health conditions, muscular pain, and/or alignment challenges.  

What to expect:  You will meet with a post rehabilitation and corrective exercise professional for an initial comprehensive assessment that consists of manual muscle testing and movement screens to determine muscular imbalances, as well as discern the probable root cause of where the dysfunction is originating.  After that, you will schedule additional private sessions to implement a customized program specific to your body's individual needs. 

Collaboration:  We will work with your medical professional to assist in the transition out of therapy, into post rehabilitation, and ultimately an exercise maintenance program.   Please call or email the studio to set up an initial assessment.




"After struggling with back pain for years and trying every medical and therapy option available, I have finally found relief working with Heather at Lakeshore Pilates.  Thank You!"

- Holly


"Heather initially worked in conjunction with my Physical Therapist, which I appreciated and demonstrated her commitment to my well-being.  Once I was discharged from PT, Heather continued to pay attention to my body mechanics and always has time to take her advanced academic knowledge and scale it down to easy to understand explanations.  I am stronger, more flexible and continue to see improvement through personalized sessions that keep me moving forward.  I recommend Lakeshore Pilates without any reservation."  -Jane, Registered Nurse

"After having multiple back and neck issues my excellent physical therapist recommended Pilates, in particular, Heather at Lakeshore Pilates, to focus on exercise rehab and strengthening.  Now, I feel 20 years younger.  This past summer, I was able to kayak, hike, swim, and bike during my vacation - all in one week - with NO problems!  Pilates is the best age defying method available!"

- Nancy, Physician 


"I have had problems with my SI joint for quite some time.  Working with Heather has been amazing!  The first session I was able to walk with relief.  And since I have been coming once a week, I have had no SI joint pain...none!  What a blessing!"  -Mickey


"Magic!  My shoulder feels so much better after just one session.  It's amazing.  I'm so grateful for your work." -Susan

"I just want you to know my pelvic floor home routine to help with prolapse is making a big difference.  I have noticed a significant change.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!"  -Sarah


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Heather Dibkey, PMA-CPT, MS, Master Pilates Teacher, Master Pfilates Pelvic Floor Medicine Teacher


Heather has over twenty years of medically based exercise experience.  She holds under graduate and graduate degree's in exercise and movement science.  For her Master's of Science degree, she obtained an additional speciality certificate in Corrective Exercise and Post Rehabilittion.   Prior to opening Lakeshore Pilates in 2003, she worked in the medical field as an Exercise Physiologist in Cardiac Rehabilitation, a Clinical Coordinator for a coronary health improvement program, and a Health Educator.  In addition to her educational degrees, she has multiple certifications and/or additional training in medical exercise, manual muscle testing, corrective exercise, activation techniques, pelvic floor exercise, and Pilates. Heather completed an intensive internship at the Center for Pelvic Floor Medicine in Nevada and is honored to be on faculty there where she assists with trainings throughout the country.




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