Why Cardiolates over other forms of cardiovascular exericise? 

Cardiolates was started by Pilates on Fifth, a Pilates studio in New York City, as a means of offering a cardio workout that reinforces Pilates’ alignment principles and optimal posture.


Because rebounding combines the forces of acceleration, deceleration and gravity, it strengthens every cell in your body.  NASA has conducted numerous studies on the benefits of rebounding and found it to be 68% more efficient than running.  Furthermore, because the rebounder mat absorbs 87% of the shock to the musculoskeletal system, rebounding does not have the negative jarring impact on the joints.


"Rebounding has conditioned me aerobically so that on weekends I can hike, bike, snowshoe, ski or kayak and always keep up with friends and family....if not excel!"



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